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Certified through Yogafit. My classes are Hatha Vinyasa-based classes.

Yoga practice typically combines physical postures, breathing techniques and relaxation.

I offer different levels of yoga classes that can meet your personal level.  

Many people think that you have to be flexible to do yoga. On the contrary, if you aren't flexible you should take yoga to work on extending and expanding your muscles to become more flexible.

Classes :

*Level 1 --

For people who are just starting their yoga practice and want to get familiar with the poses and their names

*Level 1-2 --

For students who have taken yoga in the past and want to start advancing their practice

*Level 3--

For students practicing for a while and want to learn new postures to advance their knowledge and philosophy of Yoga


For students who want to relax and calm their mind while doing gentle stretches

*Kids yoga--

For children ages 5 to 14 who are ready to be introduced to some yoga poses

*Pre and Post natal--

For students who are pregnant and have done some yoga in the past. Students who are Post pregnancy and need to get back to yoga slowly.

*Yoga with weights--

For Students who want to combine both yoga postures and weight training together

Practicing Yoga on a regular basis can give you the following benefits:


*Reduction in back pain

*Waking up internal organs

*Aids in digestion

*Stress relief

*More flexibility


*Peace of mind and relaxation.

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