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Personal Training:

*Muscle strength,

*Nutrition guidance,

*Cardio conditioning,

*Core and balance conditioning.

Every session is based on your individual fitness level and personal goal.

Each session will incorporate different muscles of the body using:

Bands, Free weights, Weight Machines, Bosu and Stability ball, Weighted balls, TRX Suspension Training, Core and balance work.

*One on One 30 or 60 minutes sessions

*Semi Private (split your session with a friend) 60 minutes

*Small group (3 or 4) 60 minutes


Learn how to practice yoga and find balance in your life by creating more:

* Flexibility





*Good health

Yoga classes are 60 minutes

Yoga classes have different levels:

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced or Restorative

*Private Yoga Session (one on one)

*Semi Private (2 students)

*Small group (3 or more)

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